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Webster's 2007 Word of the Year is: w00t

W00t!(?) I'm surprised that this year's word is 'w00t,' honestly. My undying love for Stephen Colbert makes me take 'w00t' as a step down from Webster's 2006 Word of the Year:'truthiness.'

Still, the technogeeks people have spoken.

But I don't even spell 'w00t' like that. D: It's always been wh00t, with an 'h.'

I would have liked to see 'blamestorm' as the Word of the Year. I think it fits the current political status of our country. D8

Oh, well. W00T.


Torchwood season 2 airs 16 January, 2008! ♥
Tags: the people have spoken, torchwood, word of the year, wtf
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